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Russia Links

Ghost Town - An interesting travel log about one person's motorcycle trip to the ghost town of Chernobyl, the site of the worst nuclear disaster to date. (technically not Russia but still a read that many people will find interesting)

The Moscow Expat Site - A bunch of good and some bad information about Moscow written by expats.

Letters Home: Naj Wikoff - Home page and travel notes of Fulbright Scholar Naj Wikoff.

Baikal Plan - A German NGO that works with GBT and sends eco-volunteers mainly from Europe, to help with the trails around Lake Baikal.

Some Russian Quizzes - Test your Russian.

Photography Sites

Digital Photography Review - A nice site with a lot of reviews of the latest digital cameras.

Luminous Landscape - Lots of tutorials and reviews about landscape photography.

National Geographic Image Collection - National Geographic Stock Photos.

Dot Photo - A place where you can upload your photos and have them printed.  I use this site to order my photos.

My Heritage - This site has a neat demo of face recognition software. Upload a photo of yourself or family members and it will tell you in a few seconds which celebrity looks just like you!

Other Fun Links

Test your Geography Knowledge - Just like it says.

Fantastic Fiction - A good database of fiction books.  Great especially if you want to know books in a particular series.

Rotten Tomatoes - A database of movies it has a large complicated formula to rates movies based upon a bunch of reviews.

DVD Talk - Another site for DVD reviews.

Deals2Buy - A site that has a bunch of daily internet deals for various products, mostly consumer electronics.

MAME World - Information about MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) and MAME related stuff.

Rutgers University - My University's web site.



  Travel essay from Lake Bikal Russia   Lake Baikal
Travel log from my October 2005 Lake Baikal hike in Zabaikalsky National Park, including photos.  While a participant of USRVI program.
  Digital Art Gallery   Photography
Pictures from my various travels, also included are some digital artwork of mine. All photos are available for sale as prints and for stock photography.

  This section is under construction   IT Consultant
I can provide a variety of computer related services. Some of my most popular services are installing wireless home networks, installation of hardware, repair and training.

  Link to some web games   Fun and Games
A bunch of games and links to game sites.  Including some classic arcade games running in a JAVA Applet.
  Links to other sites   Links
Some links to some fun and interesting sites.

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